Made-To-Measure Custom-Built Hydrosystem Hardware

Rampes d'aspersion

Based in Domsure (Ain), our purpose-dedicated facility, which opened doors in 2011, crafts made-to-measure custom-built hydrosystem hardware equipping wastewater treatment plants.
This production facility enables us to design and custom-build an array of pipework and channelling hardware in stainless steel.

SCIRPE Atelier is strategically sited at the crossroads of several regions, which proves a huge asset for guaranteeing swift route-to-site with top build quality and workmanship of the infrastructure provisioned.
Our team regularly go out on the road to regions hosting SCIRPE wastewater treatment infrastructure.

What We Provision

Diffuseurs statiques Lyre hydraulique

Wetting and watering hydrosystems

Effluent streaming hydrosystems

Sewer backflow configurations

Pumping station retrofits

Custom channelling and dosing circuit builds

Re-auxiliaries on legacy systems

Metalwork fixtures

After-Build Service

The majority of wastewater treatment plants designed and supported by SCIRPE come equipped with a remote monitoring system that enables SCIRPE Atelier to regularly check up on the infrastructure, make sure it is running optimally as-per-designed, and flag up any process malfunctions in real time.

Each time SCIRPE designs a wastewater treatment facility, our technicians are missioned with:

Lead follow-up technical performance diagnostics on the SCIRPE infrastructure throughout the warranty period

Train up local-commune workers on facility control and operation

Handle hardware refits

Respond swiftly to on-the-spot call-outs if needed

Deliver advice and guidance

Note that throughout the warranty period, our team stays on hand and mobilizable to coach local-authority infrastructure owners on running their facility..

Our Technical Support Service Contracts

Under 12-month technical support service contracts, SCIRPE Atelier also goes out on the ground in a number of regions to lead diagnostics on each and every kind of wastewater treatment module installed.

Our 12-month technical support service contract enables local authorities to enjoy:

Full system-wide control-checks on their water treatment facilities

Read-outs of the operating parameters

Servicing and maintenance of the system electromechanicals

Servicing and maintenance of the system electricals

On-the-spot technician call-out if needed

In-stream/out-stream pollution analyses

Site inspection reports

Technical support and advisory services


We will be especially attentive to the specific needs and constraints of local-government communities

We will go the extra mile to help you learn to self-manage your facility hardware

We will assure that systems we install are reliably engineered and perform as promised.