Our team of wastewater engineers are all specialists in wastewater treatment and environmental technologies, and on each project we lead, sound sizing-scaling and landscape integration are top of the agenda.

With a built portfolio now approaching 180 references, our construction-project expertise is a major asset::
integrating on-ground completion-related constraints right from the upstream project design phases enables us to propose the best and most rational solutions possible.

This is why we attach the utmost importance to :

 The graphing of the in-depth hydrological profile
 The choice of treatment process system
 The reliability of the technologies employed
 The quality of the materials used

Scaling and Sizing

Precise, accurate results are crucial, so we develop structural design tools for decision support on scaling and sizing, hydraulic profile graphing, and pulsed-batch dose and pipework head loss modelling.

These structural design calculations are then verified via hydraulic field tests on our installed base as part of our continual model improvement strategy.

Footprint Mapping

Structural organization and layout are analyzed in detail. We use appropriate software solutions—including advanced modelling software—to get a concrete picture of each project and double-check that it seamlessly integrates the surrounding landscape.