History of the Company

Our family-owned business has always kept the energy and values we started with yet learned to adapt and develop our potential along the way.

July 2001: SCIRPE is founded at Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon (Rhône).
SCIRPE was founded to address a specific wastewater treatment market with an emergent technology—constructed wetland reedbeds—appropriately geared to the low-investment low-maintenance needs of rural-community local government.

November 2011: Creation of a custom production facility, sited at Domsure (Ain).
This purpose-dedicated facility crafts made-to-measure custom-built hydrosystem hardware for our wastewater treatment plants, bringing the company unique know-how and freeing us from any dependence on subcontractorship.

February 2012: An outreach agency opens at Cesson-Sévigné (Ille-et-Vilaine).
Our R&D efforts pay off as SCIRPE now provisions wastewater engineering solutions using vegetated wetland systems for removing nitrates and phosphates load. These solutions are especially appropriately geared to controlling effluent discharges in Brittany’s many sensitive watersheds.

April 2013: Creation of the SCIRPE Group
The need to better differentiate and run each entity independently prompted a move to create the SCIRPE Group articulating 3 new structures: SCIRPE Centre Est, SCIRPE Grand Ouest and SCIRPE Atelier.

October 2014: Creation of the federation for constructed wetlands, acronymed FEVE
SCIRPE is founder member of the FEVE that federates all businesses that boast specific know-how and top-flight references in green constructed wetland wastewater treatment solutions.

Highlights & Landmarks

Station de Sainte-Paule (69) - 650 EH

07/2002: Build completion of the first reedbed-system constructed wetland wastewater treatment plants

  • Commune of SAINT-VINCENT-DE-DURFORT, hamlet of Chambon de Bavas (Ardèche)
    Capacity: 110 PE
  • Commune of SAINTE-PAULE (Rhône), S.A.V.A.
    Capacity: 650 PE

Station de Vercia (01) - 1 100EH

09/2004 : Commissioning to service of the first hybrid-flow reedbed-system constructed wetland wastewater treatment plant—the prototype to the AZOE®-NPprocess.
Communes of VERCIA and ROTALIER (Jura), S.I.E.A. de Beaufort, Sainte-Angès and neigbouring community
Capacity: 1,100 PE.

Station de Chalex (01) - 2 000EH

11/2010 : Completion of an experiment wastewater treatment station handling peak rainfall-driven hydraulic loads of up to 1 m3/s.
Commune of CHALLEX (Ain), Communauté de Communes du Pays de Gex
Capacity: 2,000 PE